Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

we had a new task here, where we had to present THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE which the poem we had learned from high school. We had seven groups where miss Syafika wanted us to critisize and comment all each groups. My own group had present the poem with our amazing style. So here the critisize 

GROUP 1: they're good in drawing but it take long time to draw on whiteboard..good presentation

GROUP 2: this group have many ideas where they have to acting with sound effect..its really fun

GROUP 3: nice and creative with sound effect

GROUP 4:  nice prensentation.

GROUP 5: best acting

GROUP 6: no comment because this is my group. they will be judge us wether it is better than other groups or not

GROUP 7:  woo the best presentation with nice sound effect, singing and drawing too.But i'm quite dissapointed where there is one person in this group have to be struggle against the presentation. by the way it is great.

so the conclusion is all the group did a good try and know how to present in front of people.
of course my group is the best ever and i chose group 7 as the winner maybe..haha 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


                    Nowadays, people seems like addicted to the movie they watch.
Especially when the movies released in the form of various types such as action movies,comedies, romance, and so on. Each persons have different opinions and tastes just as i do. I do love action movie and comedies but the most genre movie that i like is an action  movie plus fantasy. Whenever i watch the action movie it always make me feel excited and my heartbeat become faster. My favourite movie is 'War of The World'. This is not an ordinary movie like others that putting love as the main theme. The movie talks about how human are dealing with aliens. It sounds ridiculous right? But i love it. Now is the time to watch the movie like this because it is very interesting.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Welcome To THe neW World

Salam Alaykom and hi everyone. I am new here and still new. First of all, i want to apologize if my English is not very well. I hope all of you can understand. Actually , this is my first time doing this blog. Seriously i do not know how to create the blog. I spend two days doing my blog. But gratefully, i have a lot of friends who want to guide me to create this blog. With of their kindness, finally i have been finished my amazing blog. Hooray!! Thanks to all my friends who help me a lot. Give them thunderous applause to them. huuu!

Ok stop talking about this blog. Now i would like to introduce myself. First of all my name is Fatihin binti Tahiran. Even though my name is too short but it has a deeper meaning and it's has been enough to remember right?
 I was born on 9 April 1993 at hospital Mersing. I know my birthday had passed but you can wish my birthday if you want. I am from Mersing, Johor. Now I'm studying at UITM KUALA PILAH, NEGERI SEMBILAN. I have four sibling including me. They are Fatiah Noor, Farhana, Mohamad Fahme, and the last one is me. I'm the youngest sister in my family...hehehe
Besides, i have two important person in my life which is my beloved parents. My dad's name is Tahiran bin Jahan while my mother's name is Apsah binti Ab Rahman. My family and i had a close relationship, that's why I love them so much.

Two things i like to do in my leisure time are eating and listening to the musics. I was able to reduce my stress by listening to the musics.